The Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah is a renowned footballer and is the latest buzz on social media. His sculpture was unveiled recently in his hometown. The artwork was displayed at the World Youth Forum which took place in Sharm al-Sheikh.

It clearly shows the Liverpool star with his arms out as though he is enjoying the goal scoring victory like he normally does. Some people have given their views that it looks more like Marv the burglar of the movie Home Alone.

Well, this sculpture has joined a long list of many other sculptures in the world of football that has made fans scratch their heads on likeness. Besides, it is also drawing comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo as it was mocked widely post being unveiled last year at the Madeira airport.

Salah achieved 32 goals in only 36 appearances during his 1st year at Liverpool in the last season. It did break records and people began to praise him. The 26-year-old did sign a 5-year contract this year at the club and has spells previously at clubs which includes Roma and Chelsea. Being the lead scorer in the World Cup qualifying match, he did gain a whole lot of popularity.

Emanuel Jorge da Silva Santos was the one who sculpted the picture and he expressed on how the criticism was done online regarding his efforts. He was also offered another chance at it. The Youth Forum was the platform where the Salah statue was unveiled and was hosted by many which include the president of Egypt, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. This event was held in the 2nd year and was formed by youngsters in Egypt with the objective of promoting prosperity and peace.

Mai Abdallah, the sculptor told the Egyptian media that the statue was created mainly as it represented the symbol of excellence for the youth of Egypt. She also described the artwork as being exclusive and class apart from others.

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