Liverpool has managed to make a narrow escape in the Champions’ League Group of Death. After they had been defeated in the 3 away matches, the squad of Jurgen Klopp had to defeat Napoli 1-0 or by 2 clear goals in the ultimate group stage game.

Mohamed Salad is known to have scored the one goal in the match at Anfield in order to send Liver to the group runner-up game. It is going to be nervy all the time. Alisson needed to keep Arkadiusz Milik from bringing at par in the injury-time with an amazing save.

However, it was possible for Liverpool to make life somewhat easier for themselves in case they had converted some of the good opportunities that they had missed, particularly in the 2nd half of the game.

It seems like Sadio Mane had been guiltier than the rest and after the miss of Milik, he had the adequate chance to put the cherry on top for Liverpool. Mane had broken clear through the goal. He had a one-on-one in front of Kop with David Ospina. With forty-five minutes in hand of the injury-time, the goal from Liverpool still signified that they required to score once.

However, the fans of Liverpool had been praying for Mane to finish the game. Unfortunately, he didn’t since he dragged a wide shot. Except for Salah, everyone had their head in hands. News footage shows how he had reacted to this shot.

Mane looked in disbelief while Salah gave huge shove for making sure that he got back defending the free-kick that resulted from the shot. It was like he wanted to say to Mane that you should not worry and that he should simply get back to the game and defend.

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