With the return of the Premier League on the grounds, the race for the Golden Boot is warming up and it is going into a really interesting boundary. Mo Salah, the star footballer from Liverpool, is currently trying to become the leading scorer for the top-flight club for back-to-back three seasons. But right now, he is near about the third position on the ranking. Mohamed Salah is in the same level as that of Sergio Aguero of Manchester City, but he is behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, famed as Arsenal’s hit-man, by just one goal.

Salah needs to get just one goal to his name to level with the Arsenal star, but currently, he is three goals behind Jamie Vardy of Leicester City. He has written a total of 19 goals to his name this season. Both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Sergio Aguero have failed to score goals in the match between Leicester City and Arsenal, that the latter won by three goals. From the result, it can be said that Liverpool must win over Everton in their next game and beat Crystal Palace at Anfield as well.

The Gunners have not been able to perform well after returning to the season. They were hit by 2 injuries along with a red card on the name of David Luiz. He was sent off after he spent just 25 minutes on the ground by making two silly mistakes that helped in the goals of their opposition. Aguero has also not played against Leicester City and he too made some mistakes. On the other hand, Mohamed Salah had a great start to his professional football career and has not stopped or even slowed down since then. He has been able to come a long way and has taken the sport to another level. The Egyptians are considered as one of the best forward players in the world. Liverpool is holding a great record against Everton and Mo Salah will feel quite confident in his chase for goals.

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