In the opinion of the Chelsea shot stopper Thibaut Courtois, Jose Mourinho might have been sacked, but, he’s not the only man who is to be blamed for Chelsea’s slump. The onus has to fall on players as well for the position the team finds itself in.

Mourinho was axed by Chelsea the previous month after the team lost to Leicester City.

It was the 9th loss suffered by the Blues in the Premiership which left them just a touch above the drop zone in the standings.

According to Courtois, if the team does not manage to fetch the kind of results that are expected, the coach comes under the pump straightaway as he runs the team, but, the players are responsible too.

The Spaniard was quoted as saying, “There is not too much of change in the playing personnel. With the same set of players, Jose guided us to the Premiership last time, but, this time around, the results were not the same which means we didn’t perform well enough.”

“The manager takes the criticism whenever the team goes down as he is in charge, but, the onus is on players too.”

“We have even spoken about it in the change room. Most of the guys are of the view that yes, the boss’s gone, but, the whole responsibility can’t be put on him only. We, as players, are also accountable for it as the standard of our game has not been high.”

Courtois, the Belgium International who had played most of the League games in his first full season at Stamford Bridge in 2014-15, has had to remain out of action for a large part of this season so far because of injury. He has been able to play just 4 games.