Woodburn celebrated its 5A state championship nearby.

The 2-1 overtime loss was a tough one to swallow for the Spartans.

That doesn’t mean finishing second was taken as a failure by Callahan or his players.

“I’m not disappointed. I’m very, very proud of this group,” Callahan said. “They put a lot together, put a lot on the line and they came through when they had to. They put themselves in a position to win the championship game. So you can’t ask for anything more.”

It was a game of missed opportunities for CHS.

They fought back to tie it in the second half and had chance after chance to take the lead.

Instead it went into two 10-minute extra periods.

Woodburn was threatening to get a shot off and CHS defender Jamie Erway slid in and made what looked like a fairly clean tackle, but the Woodburn player hit the turf and the Bulldogs were awarded a penalty kick.

Jaime Veles knocked it in and that was the difference.

“I thought (Erway) got all ball,” CHS goalkeeper Nick Creswick said. “He’s had a few of those tackles all season and he’s gone in great and gotten the ball every single time and I saw him get the ball.”

Creswick said he knew he had to get ready for the penalty kick, but for some reason he didn’t go through his usual PK routine.

“Usually I read the ball and today, for some reason, I guessed, and I guessed wrong,” he said.