Leicester City is another one of those teams in the Premier League that are having a very difficult time in securing successive victories and are now competing just to avoid the relegation zone.

In 35 Premier League matches, Leicester City has won 9 matches and it hasn’t been enough to put the club out of the basement spots of the English league.

Even though Leicester City is at the bottom positions of the Premier League, the manager of the club believes that his team is good enough to not get relegated in this season.

Nigel Pearson said: ‘’I have the belief in my players. I think they have the character and ability as well. The big facts, are they doable if the players are good enough? And the answer to that is yes.’’

The squad of Nigel Pearson is showcasing what they have to offer as they are trying to end the season on a high note and so far it seems like that mission is being done as Leicester City has played 5 Premier League matches in the month of April and have emerged victorious in 4 of those games.

The only match that Leicester City in April was when playing against Chelsea and the team of Jose Mourinho claimed a 3-1 triumph.

However, even with this surge of positive results that Nigel Pearson and his team are experiencing the English manager still believes that the possibility of getting relegated is a real one as he said: “It would be foolish to assume that the job’s done, far from it. We have to make sure we finish the season in a positive vein. “We’re getting closer but people will talk about Newcastle’s situation. But we’re still behind them in terms of points. So we’ve got a better chance and an increasingly better chance. But whatever things are mathematically possible, we’ve made life slightly easier.’’