With the Ballon d’Or award and competition edging closer and closer the Colombian forward of As.Monaco Radamel Falcao expressed his opinion about C.Ronaldo as he praised the impressive performances the Portuguese player of Real Madrid has been enjoying.

In an interview with Sky Sport, Colombian forward Radamel Falcao gave his view on the Ballon d’Or: “Cristiano Ronaldo this year has been more constant, and has been superior. I’d have to see what the criteria are for deciding who the winner should be, but I think that it has been a great year for him.”

Falcao continued on talking about his former club Atletico Madrid and Champions League round of 16 as the Spanish club was pitted against Ac.Milan and Falcao is confident that they will give it their all in search of a victory.

“Anything can happen in this competition, they’re very different teams, but it isn’t important who plays better. Atlético is having a splendid season, I’m sure they’ll really go all out for it because I know the team and they’ll give it their all.”

Speculation was beginning to rise concerning the future of Falcao as he was being dropped out from a number of As.Monaco matches due to injuries; rumors began to spread suggesting that his exit from the French club is close.

The vice-chairman of As.Monaco, Vadim Vasilyev stepped up and shut down those rumours concerning the future of Falcao.
Vasilyev said: “People believe it is suspicious to have such a great player in France. They ask ‘When will he leave? In January or in June?. We have always stated that Falcao is essential to our project. He allows us to hire other players and build a whole team.”